PikaShow APK Download (Official) New Version 2024 For Android

Pikashow apk is a huge entertainment platform that shows diversity in every field, big platform for movies including Indian, south Indian and Hollywood both mini cinemas for movie lovers. Users can also enjoy TV series and live events.

Pikashow application include sports streaming cricket, football, and other sporting activities around the globe. Showing these things the app has gained millions of views and the number of users is increasing day by day.  The graphics and interface are designed in such a way that normal users can understand easily. Another great feature of this application is the dubbing so everyone can watch any movie or drama series in both English and in your language. Every new TV show, live event, or movie will show on the first window of this app when a user opens it you can choose whatever you want to see.


1. Variety of content

With diversity in content, a large amount of movies dramas TV shows are streamed. Bollywood, Hollywood Chinese Turkish and other regions are included with different language subtitles live events and news channels are streamed.

2. Live programs

Live drama serials fashion, business, and news-related programs are also streamed in Pikashow app. Also, watch live telecasts of cricket matches and also can listen to live music on your device and enjoy unlimited fun. If you are a fan of history channels then you can also watch content related to history there.

3. One-click download

     This modded version of apk allows you the option to download movies, dramas, or any video that you are interested in and want to save on the provided device for watching it later.

4. Built-in video player

Many other streaming applications do not have internal players. In this application, there is a feature of built-in media players like MX player and other players which makes this android pikashow apk different from others.

5. Multi-language and subtitle

Now every user wants content in his language and supporting subtitles, if anyone is not good in English language can watch content in his supporting language and subtitles.

6. Frequent updates

Pikashow technical team gives updates regularly after some weeks to meet the criteria of online streaming apps and to show new things to its audience. Regularly new movies and new topics have been introduced which gives a huge edge to this app amongst the others.

7. Global accessibility

apps like pikashow apk fully stream in every part of the world which makes it unique and smart. If the user faces difficulty in opening in his region can stream it by using a proxy. User can also install this application on their PC or IOS.

8. Exclusion from registration

Users can install apk like pikashow on their device or stream it without any type of registration or subscription. Free of cost and does not need any type of private details is created in a user-friendly way and is very easy to use.

How to download Pikashow?

First needs a strong internet connection. open your default browser go to its search menu and then write the name of the app .A new window will open after that click the download option and install an alternative to pikashow apk on the device without any complex settings.

Pros and cons


1.   Huge platform for entertainment Lovers variety of content available for viewers to stream.

2.  Fully free and without any subscription or registration.

      3.  Pickashow apk Gives regular updates and shows new content.

4.  Easy to use and without any complex settings.


  1. Needs a strong internet connection to stream high-quality videos.
  2. Not ads free sometimes advertisements appear before starting the video or during the streaming.


  1. What is the pikashow apk?

android tv pikashow apk  is a widely streamed app used all over the world. Full of entertainment, TV series, and drama series content also lets its users download content.

2. Is pikashow app safe and secure?

Yes, this application is fully safe and secure user can install it on their device without any registration or subscription. After that, it does not need any type of private details like ID or email to start.

  1. Why am I facing difficulty in streaming moded version of pikashow apk?

If you are facing an issue in streaming Pikashow online movie in your region then you can stream by using VPN.

Final verdicts

PikaShow is a streaming app full of entertainment after installing this app on your device users will enjoy it. Users can watch movies from almost every region of the world in your supported language and subtitles. Drama series and movie series, are also available new movies, and dramas are uploaded by its technical team regularly. Additionally, everyone can also stream live content by clicking on its live TV option. Users can watch live sports live news channels and another live events around the globe. By installing PICKASHOW users can stream in full HD quality and can change the resolution of video depending on their internet connection.

The application is fully safe and secure graphics and interface have been designed in such a way that a normal user can stream easily without facing any difficulty or doing complex settings. No need for a subscription or registration.